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The ReLeaf Foundation of Canada is a Canadian charity that proudly supports healthcare-focused organizations across the country.

The ReLeaf Foundation of Canada does not engage in any programming but acts as a fiduciary conduit to support active fundraising for deserving foundations and charities.  

This year ReLeaf Foundation is proud to support Boat Rally for Kids and Cancer in its quest to raise funds to support Canadians diagnosed and living with cancer. 

Founded during the COVID-19 pandemic, the ReLeaf Foundation of Canada began the campaign supporting mental health care services to respond to worsening mental health conditions. When urgent care was needed and accessibility was at its lowest, The Maple Releaf campaign raised critically needed funds to support over 15 organizations across Canada providing counseling, support, tools, and more in their communities. 

All Canadians should be able to access all healthcare services when seeking treatment that honors their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. The ReLeaf Foundation of Canada is proud to support ground-breaking new programs, research, and augmenting current services across Canada that make this vision possible. 

Our Mission: 

We raise funds to support comprehensive healthcare research and care programs for organizations and hospitals in communities across Canada.

Our Vision:

 Improved quality of life for all Canadians through equally accessible and high-quality healthcare services. 

Our Values:

  1. Strength in the community: we are only as strong as our communities.
  2. Strength in individuality: our communities are only as strong as their individuals. 
  3. Strength in accessibility: healthcare is a fundamental human right that all should be able to access equally.